Old Versions of Beta

Does anyone know if, when I download and install a newer version of the Beta, it adds itself on TOP of older versions or just installs the complete software again? I’m really wondering if I can delete all the old versions from my hard drive; they’re taking up a lot of space. :slight_smile: But I don’t want to risk losing the software OR my work so far.



The latest beta, 023, should have done a full reinstall of absolutely everything, wiping the old stuff. However, there have been some issues with projects not saving properly which may be related to having not uninstalled previous versions, so the best thing to do is to completely uninstall your previous version(s) and then do a clean install of 023. (This is usually the best policy for updates unless you’re updating from within the program itself–and 023 won’t let you do that anyway.)

Just make sure you don’t remove your .scriv projects in your cleaning gusto. Your work itself should be stored in another location–by default, your Documents folder, but you can choose another location as well. The project .scriv folders won’t be touched when you uninstall the program–just make sure you haven’t somehow stored them within the Scrivener program folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Scrivener). You can run a Windows search for your project names or “scriv” to check the location of your projects if you don’t know where they are.

Also if you happen to have an aggressive uninstaller help program that looks for “related” files when you delete a program, just make sure your projects aren’t accidentally on that list. This is only a potential issue if you have some third-party software installed, and I don’t even know if such software really exists on Windows. If you have it you’ll know; otherwise, don’t worry about it.

It’s always safe to delete the old .exe files that you downloaded, as those are just the installer packages (and for old versions of the beta, they’re expired anyway).