Old Word doc into New Scrivener Proj.

I have a novel in a word docx. wherein I list every chapter like this: Chapter - 1 and so on. I know I can bring this whole doc into a Scrivener and have it separate the chapters into individual docs. Can’t figure out how to set up that import. I saw how, somewhere, but forgot.


Open/create a project that you will import your Word document into. Then go to File->Import->Import and Split. Replace the text that sections are separated by with “Chapter -” (without the quotes).

That should get you one entry in the binder for every chapter. You can further split those files into scenes if you want by finding the break between scenes and using the File->Split menu.

Brand new to Scrivener & frustrated trying to import a partially written novel into Scrivener. This post reply was great & easy to get what I wanted.