Older files empty!

I’ve just reloaded Scrivener with a new subscription and am trying to recover my older files. When I open them (it says it has to update the files), they’re completely empty; the folders are there but the text is all gone. This is YEARS of work lost. Please help, I’m screaming. :frowning:

By the way, I went and found the backups as mentioned in another thread, but I’m still coming up with empty files.

Scrivener doesn’t have a subscription, and doesn’t use files. A project is a folder.

How old are the projects? What version of Scrivener?

Used the wrong terms, sorry. I’m not sure what version I had; my last computer died a horrible death in January. The program could have been as bought around 2013… I believe I’d kept it updated until the crash, though.

Adding: when I say the folders are there, I mean the projects are there, the internal folders and notecards in the projects are there, there just isn’t any content text in anything.

I guess you had backups somewhere then? Somewhere else than on the PC that died? How did you move the projects to the new computer? Or how did you move the live project to the new computer? It looks as if you have only copied the .scrivx file, not the whole .scriv project folder.

I had backups through an offsite subscription. I thought I had the entire project backed up… I’ll poke around some more and see if it’s just been restored somewhere odd. What searchable terms would I be looking for…?

Be sure you’re retrieving the entire .scriv folder, and not just one of the files within; depending on the version of Scrivener you were running, there’ll be a .scrivx or maybe a .scrivproj file within the folder with the .scriv extension to its name. The single file is an index of your project, containing (among a few other things), the names of your documents, but not the text content.

Thank you! I’ll start looking for those.