Oldie But A Goodie — Smart Quotes Stop Working Sporadically


Well, an old problem rears it head yet again. Now on OS X 10.9.3, sometimes Scrivener “forgets” to use smart quotes in certain documents inside a project, but will still use them in others. Not sure what is going on. Smart quotes are still “working” everywhere else in the OS, but just not in Scrivener, in one particular document in the project. I tried cutting and pasting all the text into a brand new document that didn’t have the problem, but then the problem is just copied and pasted with that text. I tried deleting the ui.plist file — which used to be a trick for getting smart quotes to start working again — to no avail. They’ve just stopped entirely for this one document in the project, and no matter what I do, I can’t get them to come back on. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

Yours truly,
Andy H.

Given that it’s just one document, I wonder if the solution described here might help?

Or here.