"Omit Trash" option from Smart Folders, Search

Scrivenerite from 2008, I love your software, through and through.

Would love an “Omit Trash” option from Smart Folders and the Search. I work with dozens to hundreds of separate files for my scenes, and I’ve deleted a lot over the years that I’ve been working on one Scrivener file. At the time of their creation, I may have keyworded them with tags I actively use. I love your Smart Folder feature, but I don’t like that it still includes things I’ve moved to trash. I’m writing multiple storylines and I love the ability to keyword a particular storyline and just focus on that line, but my work gets real murky when it includes things I want put away in the trash.

I obviously am not yet ready to permanently dispose of what’s in the trash, but I would like anything moved there to be omitted from my searches and smart folders, or at least have the option in preferences or somewhere to “Omit Trash” from showing up in those lists.

Thanks for your consideration!

You’ll be happy to hear this option already exists. :slight_smile: If you click the magnifying glass icon in the project search bar, you can select “Exclude Trash Documents” near the bottom of the options. The setting will be included when you save the search as a collection.

I am happy to hear! Thanks!