OmmWriter Dana
It’s so cute! :smiley:
One of those distraction-free environment word processors. Sorta like WriteRoom, but…it’s so cute!

Just give em $10 for DANA2. Now it tells me I cant use it with this Mac OS X :open_mouth: :imp: :blush: :cry: :cry: :cry:bllaahhh!!! I want me mammy!!!

Why does it tell you you can’t use it? :cry:

EDITED: vic-k, I have Dana II on my Mac Mini (OSX 10.6.5), and I absolutely love it.
I checked the software’s FAQ, though, and it says: “Officially, OmmWriter Dana supports Mac OS 10.5.0 and higher. However, we highly recommend Mac OS 10.6 +. We would love to make OmmWriter available for all Macs but there are certain elements of the OmmWriter software that require a more advanced OS system.”
BTW. You did try the free Dana I before purchasing Dana II, did you? :neutral_face: The free version is the same with just less colors and less sounds.

No I didnt. I just liked the look and sound of Dan2 Its my fault for not reading all the blurb. Im running, version 10.4.11 If there is a safe way to pay these free software guys a few $/£s or what ever, I like to chip in. Its not gonna break the bank (yet :frowning: ). I use Bean nearly all the time, and Ive got twenty quid burning a hole in my pocket for the developer, but theres no way to get it to him. As far as I know.

My iMacs Superdrive is dead, and its not worth fitting a new one, so Im looking at a new iMac in the near future. So when I retool, Ill just transfer all the crap on my hard drive over to the new on. Dana2 will be with it No probs.
Take care