On a positive note…

I have unfortunately stumbled across several bugs in the very early stages of using the prerelease of Scrivener 2.0, which I have been reporting in the appropriate forum—but I didn’t want to leave exclusively negative feedback.

I really like the application, and I think it shows great promise. You folks have really done a nice job of extending the writing environment while retaining its simplicity. Congratulations!

It just has some rough spots that need patching and sanding. I know you’re working as fast as you can, and I’ll continue to help by reporting the negative stuff as I trip over it.

One more thought at no extra charge: less caffeine, more real-food + good-sleep. :wink:

Thanks Brian. :slight_smile:

And I intend to switch back to mid-day strolls, cooked dinners, and afternoons on the porch with a novel.

Tomorrow. Maybe day after. :wink:

GASP! No! Back to work you evil gnome!

“Great promise”!!!

Hopefully you’re just talking about the bugs. :slight_smile:

Apologies if I haven’t been replying on the bug forum for a few days - first thing on Tuesday morning I’ll be starting on 2.0.1 to fix all of the bugs and issues that have arisen.


Yea. Just the bugs.