On Making New Index Cards In A Folder

Good day to you all.

I’m wondering about something - nit-picky, I’m sure!

I have created a folder. I don’t recall how, but, my first item created in the folder was an index card - which I wanted. And I continued to type and create index cards. Even the little icons in the “Binder” show as little index cards. Wonderful!

Now I’ve decided to add more index cards between older cards. I select a card and hit return. And when I do this, I do indeed create a new, blank index card! However, my binder now shows this index card icon as a taller, blank page. WHY? I don’t want a taller blank page… I want an index card! :slight_smile:

What’s the difference? How can I create an index card icon when I want one - and a blank page when I want one? Why Why Why is this happening?? :smiley:

Thanks for your advice in advance!


Hi Glen, all of the different icons are explained in the Help file under the section on “The Binder”. Basically:

A blank page icon (the one you are seeing): the document is completely empty. It has no text and no synopsis.
An index card: the document has a synopsis associated with it, but as yet no text.
A page with text: the document has text associated with it (it may also have a synopsis).

So, as soon as you type something in the synopsis (index card) area, the icon will change into an index card. If you type in the main text area, whether there is a synopsis or not, the icon will then change into a page with text on it.

All the best,

Excellent! Thank you!

You know, as I start to use Scrivener, I find that it’s amazing to learn how open and adaptable the software really is! The core is there folks! Everything else is frosting!