On merit...

Lee, I just remembered I promised you a treat for today, and it’s been released on their schedule.

This is music, from someone with talent that will make a musician’s head turn in a moment of hearing. Sierra Hull is the real thing, people often enough say they feel as a person, as well as in music; and in both, it’s already gotten past the thing that she is so young.

They’ve put some tasteful limits on the previews now, so I can recommend in public this demo page: Sierra Hull - Daybreak.

If it’s your cup of tea, iTunes gives a nice pdf of liner notes, plus an extra song.

Should you wonder what the interest is about, instrumentally try the tune Bombshell first, and you will get an idea. I have to say it gets even more advanced, wonderfully, to conclusion. The final song on the preview, Wouldn’t Matter to Me, will give you an idea about expression and song choice when she is not writing her own. Words are there…

Well, I used to do a show a very long time ago, in a minor way but in sympathy with what this is. I’ve heard Germans comment, as very specifically as they can, on her earlier album, Secrets; how they put it on to fully relax the mind. I find this album does the same, understated as it is, with all the virtuousity being in service of the music, which then speaks almost every moment as you learn you can hear it. It’s kind of remarkable, given that it is also a Nashville debut. But they are being exceptionally nice about that too, and should.


Forgot to say as intended – that I’d originally thought of this for you, Lee, because of the connection between the clarity and accomplishment that keeps showing up in your own work, with what a young artist has been doing diligently, and does here with with another level of sophistication.

Just as a personal matter in this world, both feel to have a value to me.

Plus, I hope it’s fun.

Good on you, then, and if through intensity we out here ever don’t seem to be patient or appreciative, indeed we are.