On open

Just two minor things:

  1. On open, Scrivener opens the last project opened rather than the last project I had opened/closed last. This means that if I’m working in Project A, open Project B to check something, close Project B, continue working in Project A for several more hours and then close Scrivener, the next time I open Scrivener Project B opens and I have to renavigate to Project A.

Any chance of having it open the last project that was open, ie the last one closed instead?

  1. In the ‘new project’ pane, there’s a list of pre-set locations - it’d be really great if we could set a favourite location of our own - for example, if I save my writing to a subfolder of My Documents, it’d be a lot more convenient to be able to set that subfolder as a default drop down location rather than having to navigate to it each time.

Doesn’t it open all projects that were open when you closed the app? That is how it works on the Mac, so there may be a bug here…

No, it just opens whichever project I last opened, regardless of whether or not it was the last project to remain open - what’s open when Scrivener is closed doesn’t seem to affect what opens the next time I start it.

The auto-open issue is on the fix-list, yes. The drop-down menu in the New Project window should default to the last used location, typical Save-dialog fashion.