One button icon in corkboard view is not very intuitive.


I am new to Scrivener still working my way through the tutorial. Wow! This application is brilliant. It is so flexible and powerful. I cannot wait to start using it—I wish I had learned of it years ago.

I am at the “Controlling the Other Editor from the Corkboard” section. I do not think that the icon on the button that lets you click on an index card and have that document appear in the other editor is very intuitive. I have one idea, but it might not be the ideal improvement and might be hard to implement. Perhaps the arrow could point towards the editor and be able to change according to the editors’ relative position? That way it would be saying, “What you click in here goes there.” When the arrow is blue indicates that this function is active.

A simpler solution might be to put the arrows (or a single arrow) on top of the icon for the editor splitter, with the tip of the arrow in the editor pane.

I know—picky, picky, picky users!

Thank you for making Scrivener.

Thanks for the feedback! Pointing it at the target editor would be kind of weird in cases where the other split isn’t open—but we have an icon design for the future that should make the overall function of this much more clear. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the learning process.