one-button refreshing viewing of MMD?

I’d like to have an equivalent of Command-T from LyX, whereby by a single button you get the PDF (when opened in Preview) to refresh. Currently I have to Export, retype the name before .tex – hence I use single-letter name like a – confirm replace, hit enter, and do xelatex a in an open terminal (arrow up, enter). Anything faster?

I solved this issue and report the workflow here:


Braver, now that you’ve been presumably playing with 2.0 for a bit, how is the new persistent compile settings working out for you? It isn’t one button, but is it a bit less in terms of management? Like I said in the other thread, I can hammer out draft revisions without even looking at the interface with 2.0, and the results show up immediately in TextMate, ready to PDF them.