One click into Scrivenings mode, retaining focus on current

It would be very helpful to be able to click one button to go into Scrivenings mode with the focus remaining on the document I’m currently editing.

This would enable me to see the current text document in the context of the text preceding and following it. It would also enable me to select any text document and then see the text preceding and following it in Scrivenings mode.

Currently I have to select a higher level document, then select Scrivenings mode, then scroll down to find the document I was just editing. This is rather inefficient.

Please post back if anyone knows about a shortcut that already exists.


There is a way of doing this already, but it looks as though thee is a bug in the Windows version at the moment. You use View > Go To > Enclosing Group (Alt-Shift-Left). The bug is that when you do this, the Windows version just scrolls to the top of the group rather than to the document you were just working on, so I’ll pass this on to the Windows team as something to add to their bug list.


Thanks Keith.
That’s a helpful tip. Scrivener rocks!
Look forward to the bug fix.
Many thanks, Paul