one click keyword addition in inspector?

I wish I could click somewhere (much bigger) in the keywords inspector sidebar to start entering keywords or to add additional ones. Or is there an easy key-combo to start adding keywords to an item in the inspector? And how do I add more than one at a time easily? Must I open the Keyword HUD?

Perhaps the keyword HUD could be accessed within the Inspector, so I didn’t have to open that other menu to add keywords. I’d like to be able to enter them in as few clicks as I can.

Ideally I’d also like to be able to enter keywords for multiple binder items, since I’m playing catch-up having not used them before in my large document. I think now that I can drag them onto the HUD? Is there an easier way to do this?

If the keyword panel in the inspector had a section where I’d see all the available keywords and click once on the one to add to the current document, that’d be easy. Or if I could click the currently blank area in the inspector below where it says “keywords, ±”, and it would automatically assume I want to add one? Currently I have to click on that little “+” and then type (once for each keyword?) I guess the blank area is where the current item’s keywords would appear, but I haven’t put any in there because I haven’t figured an easy way for me to do it.

I think it’s a separate item that I’d like to be able to add metadata for multiple items using the inspector, though the inspector seems to be for “inspecting” individual documents that are open. I know I can change some things in the outliner mode, but I wish there was a way to have that batch-change power in the inspector window somehow.

Thanks much.

You can just hit return to add a new keyword to the inspector.

If you want to call up the Keywords HUD quickly, it’s probably best to use the toolbar icon or use the keyboard shortcut.

The inspector is incompatible with assigning keywords to multiple items, though. Suppose you selected multiple items, all with different keywords. You’d then have an amalgam of the keywords in the inspector in this hypothetical scenario. It wouldn’t really be possible to edit them, then, as Scrivener would have no idea where to put things.

You can drag keywords from the inspector onto other documents once you’ve created them, though.

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Oh, I hadn’t known you could do that. (Goes and figures out what you mean.)

So I have Keywords open in the inspector or do the (contr-opt-cmd-J) shortcut to open it. Then I click on the open “Keywords” space in the inspector, and hit Return to start entering (that I hadn’t known), and Return again to enter a new one. That seems to work.

That should get me started, thanks!

Not only that, you can hit the Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-J shortcut twice to ensure that the keyboard focus will be moved to the keyword list. Hence, to add a keyword to a document you need only hit that CoC-J shortcut twice and then Enter. If you wish to insert the keyword somewhere, you can use arrow keys before typing Enter.

Basically the first time shows the keyword panel (opening the inspector if necessary), then if the keyword list is already shown, focus is moved by using the same shortcut. Hence, if you already have the keyword list open, you really only need to hit it once to get over there. I just have a habit of hitting J twice really fast because I do that a lot and it’s easier to have that habit than parsing whether it is open and making a decision to hit it once or twice. :slight_smile:

That’s perfect. I was wishing there was a way to shift focus just like that.

I’m set, thank you both!

Ioa noted to me a few months ago that CTRL-OPT-CMD + each of the letters H,N,J,M,K,L (creating a zig-zag with a tail pattern of the bottom two rows of letters) will step you through each of the inspector panels that are featured in the tiny icons at the bottom (look to that to see if you have focus on that component). There are other COC- keyboard options to get focus on the binder, the synopsis, and other bits, but those are in less of an obvious pattern (to me… but then I was always bad at pattern matching games).

The shortcuts are all in View/Move Focus To/ and View/Inspect/. The only one that has always been odd to me is E/R for Bottom/Top editor splits. In my mind, left to right is synonymous with top to bottom, so ‘E’ feels like top to me and ‘R’ bottom. I think the actual reason for their flipped order is that in a traditional 3-pane viewer, like Mail, the top spit is the auxiliary list and the bottom split is the content. So ‘E’ goes to content, if you’re working that way.