One click to return to top of current document in editor

I understand the behavior of returning to the previously-scrolled position when re-opening a scrolled document. That makes sense often.

But not always. Most of the time I wish it would automatically rescroll to the top on opening.

Maybe if we had a button at the bottom of the docs that would allow this rescroll, that would be very helpful. Shouldn’t take much code to implement that, one would think.

In the same vein, when searching for a word used in the manuscript, it would be much more useful if when that doc was selected from the search list that replaces the typical document list in the binder, that it would scroll to where the word actually is inside the document, so that we don’t have to scroll up and down to find it (multiple words could have it scroll to the first instance).

IOW, Scrivener should be smart enough to understand why we are selecting that document in a word search, and go there on it’s own once the doc is selected.

To scroll to the top of a document, just hit the Home key (with the focus in the text). This works across macOS. Or use Cmd-up-arrow to move the cursor to the start of the text and scroll.

As for searching, Scrivener won’t change your saved scroll position without asking. To search for word s in the text that have been found by Project Search, just click into the text and hit Cmd-G to go to the next search term. Scrivener loads the search term into the Cmd-F Find panel so that it’s ready to search your text straight after a project search.

Thank you. I’ve been using Macintosh since it came out in 1983. I still can’t locate a ‘home’ key anywhere. Does it have a different name in the Mac world?

You must never have had an extended keyboard . . . :smiley:

On laptops (or the short keyboards) the Home key equivalent is FN-Left Cursor and End is FN-Right Cursor.


Well, no. That’s not the case at all. I prefer an extended keyboard. I’d be lost without it in Logic Pro X on the iMac.

But I write on the laptop. Apple, make a big laptop with an extended keyboard, please, that isn’t like typing on a block of wood.

But thanks, Dave. Apple is not fond of telling anyone what keyboard combos are ‘equivalent’ to PC keystrokes, so ‘Home Key’ is a foreign word to them. They’d prefer we don’t know what that word means.