One file disappeared, compile broke

V 1.0.2

I had Scivener open for a few days on my machine, working away on my novella’s second draft, editing, fixing, happily compiling the changes, then I made some fixes, compiled them, just like I had been doing for days, took a look at the output file to review the changes, and… WHAT!? One scene in the middle of the story was single spaced! I was pretty sure, although I hadn’t checked, it had been correctly double spaced in the previous compile. And one scene near the end was MISSING! POOF! GONE! I had not changed ANYTHING in the Compile settings. I couldn’t deal with it. Sorry. I just closed the program and walked away. I’m back looking at the issue now.

The file that is missing in the compile (82.rtf, not that the name matters) exists in the Docs subfolder. I looked at the RTF and it seems fine. My text editor matches braces, and the braces match. So it seems ok enough. It reads like I think it should. Nothing seems to be missing. I looked at the scrivx XML file and file 82 is there in the Binder hierarchy, right where it has always been. But now when I open this project in Scrivener, that scene does not appear in the Binder display.

I’m trying to get the story ready to submit, but this bug has stopped me cold. I can’t see the entire story anymore. I can’t fix it if I can’t see it. And I can’t submit it if Compile won’t produce it. And now I’m leery of working on anything new in case it happens again. Yeah, pretty irrational, I know.

Suggestions for what I should do? Would support folks like to have a copy to diagnose the problem? Should I simply upgrade to 1.0.3 to see if the problem just disappears? Something else?

jravan, I’m pretty confident Scrivener Support is going to want to work closely with you on this one, and receive a copy of the project folder from you to locate what’s wrong.

In the mean time, naturally I would be very careful to take a separate copy or zip file backup of that folder, to keep what you have solidly saved away. I think you’re a programmer type from other correspondence, so you’ll know what to do.

I had a look through the 1.03 improvements, and there is at least one item about avoiding things getting lost from the .scrivx. However, you’ve indicated that item 82’s XML seems to be there, and I think you are saying it’s in the right location. I had a look at a project here, and see that Trashed items are indeed in an XML-noted Trash folder, not in their original location.

Thus if I understand your observations, a bit of mystery, surely recoverable since you think the RTF file looks good. Might help your confidence to open a copy of that file 82.rtf with Word or Word Viewer or WordPad to see that the RTF gives your formatted text solidly.

Then I’d wait for support to get to you. Holiday-coming weekend, of course, and they seem to work a lot on Lee’s schedule on Australian time, so you can keep this in mind.

Unless you absolutely have to deliver the story, I’d stop here, relax, and wait for excellent help to arrive.

Good fortune on it. Sounds you have all the things verified to make it come out fine.



Thanks for the idea of using another reader to check the RTF file. LibreOffice reads 82.rtf just fine. So at this point, I’m pretty much out of ideas. Your mention of backups made me just that much more paranoid about it, so I took another one. I agree; one can never be too careful.

It’s odd that the file is mentioned in the scrivx file, but does not show up in the Binder display. I have no idea at this point what the problem might be. And thanks very much for taking a look at the 1.0.3 fixes. I tend not to update unless I see a fix I want or I’m having a problem. I’ll wait to get the latest until L&L says it’s a good idea.

Wait. I have an idea. A detail I forgot to check. I checked that ID 82 existed in the XML file, but I didn’t make sure it was in the correct place in the hierarchy.

I just took another look at the scrivx file and I AM WRONG!!! The missing file, 82.rtf, is not really missing at all. It just ended up in the wrong place. I’m pretty sure I didn’t move it to the place it landed (the beginning of the second half of the second act, as the second scene (it’s actually the climactic scene of Act III)). But it’s not missing. It just became a child of the wrong parent in the tree. I didn’t see it because its new parent is a text file and the Binder display collapsed (by default, I suppose?) the child, so the only indication was a small triangle, which I overlooked. And the interesting thing about the place it actually ended up may be the clue to what happened to it. It is now the second file in Act IIb and should be the second file in the next Level N-1 folder, that is, Act III. So, OK, I’ll chalk that up to operator error.

And what about the single spaced scene? Well… After examining it closely in the compiled output, I decided it looked as if it had been requested to “Compile As Is.” I looked and, sure enough, “Compile As Is” was checked. So, OK, I’ll chalk that up to operator error as well.

After making the necessary corrections, all is well. The compiled output is fine. I’m back to editing the second draft. So, false alarm. I think this was me working at the end of a long day. Human issues. Thank goodness.

L&L, please ignore this topic. :blush:

Happy Holidays,

Jim, very glad you got it sorted out yourself, and that some ideas from outside triggered the process.

We can all do these things – and I had my ears up where you said you’d had the thing open for days. I tend not to trust software over days :wink:.

And if you set the preferences, Scrivener will do automatic backups for you, with timestamps, every time you close the program. I set it to do them in a particular place, and to never erase any backups – then I feel very safe for any mistypes, mis-mousing, etc. I might make myself.

As far as versions, I’ve had very good luck upgrading each time Scrivener does. Now that there’s a release, there’s also a beta version whenever a need is felt, to have it checked out by the brave. Thus when a release version like 1.03 comes up, I would yes, read the changes sheet, and then likely take it. I’ve had no trouble with 1.03 here.

Anyway, best holidays wishes, and that you get your novella where you want it too. All in good time.