one fullscreen request


Really enjoying the software, but I have one minor request (and i might just be missing it). I’d love to be able to have the split screen feature in fullscreen, so that i can have some research or another chapter or something else up alongside the text i’m actually working on. because i’d ideally do all my work in fullscreen, but sometimes i want to be able to flip back and forth to a webpage or an image i’m basing a character on, or what have you, and to have to flip back and forth from fullscreen to not fullscreen just adds another silly step.

oh, and while i’m making requests (and i know i’ve seen this one on this board, so i’m just echoing it) margin notes would be killer!

Thanks for all your work!

There actually is a work around for this:

In Fullscreen mode set the virtual page up so, that it is located to the left or right of your screen. Then increase the transparency of the background as much as you need in order to see the picture or webpage you were looking at. You won’t be able to scroll or interact with the webpage or picture, but you can take a look at it!

Also, if it’s really just a picture, you might try pasting it into the document notes. If you bring up the inspector in full screen it will be there, just waiting to inspire you.

I think you will like 2.0. :slight_smile: There is no split screen in full screen mode as such, but there is another way to refer to other documents that is being introduced… And a new comments feature should make you happy too.
Thanks and all the best,