One Larger or Two Smaller...

I am in possession of a MacBook Pro and a 20 inch monitor.

I am thinking of going larger, like to a 23 or a 24 inch display OR…getting another 20 inch monitor side by side.

I was wondering if most are fans of 1 larger monitor or 2 side by side.

Any input?

Has anyone ever put to monitors together and not been able to “get used” to having two separate monitors. Two monitors does appeal to the schizo side of me that I hide but one larger one seems like less of a value.


Generally speaking, the best solution is usually the one that gives you the largest total area (desk space permitting). In this case, that would be the two 20-inch screens.

Two screens is also likely to be more economical, since cost per square inch tends to go up as screen size increases. That may not be an issue at these dimensions, though.

Provided each monitor is large enough to hold a full window, having two side by side shouldn’t be distracting. The dead space at the screen edge just becomes empty desktop space. That’s especially true when both monitors are the same size.

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You are wonderful!

Thanks again!

Have you found a way to connect two monitors to a MacBook Pro? As far as I know, it can only do one external monitor.

Why not use your laptop monitor and an external monitor? Put your laptop on a stand next to your external monitor, like this (random Flickr page that shows what I mean, no connection to the person).


You are right!

There probably is now way to connect two monitors.

Well, that might just solve the problem but I do love your idea!


I’ve seen a couple of products for powering multi-head configurations from MacBook Pros. They tend to be big, clunky boxes and not be super-cheap, but they exist.

I can’t for the life of me remember which Apple feed I saw one reviewed on…anyway, Google should turn up gold.

Wonderful Marcus!

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