One of my documents isn't syncing

I’ve been working with Scrivener for over two years and I never encountered this bug before.
Every document that I work with syncs perfectly, except for one. It isn’t available on Scrivener on my Ipad. Weirdly, it’s in my Dropbox, just like all the other documents, but I can’t open it on my Ipad.
Does anyone know what to do?

You say “Document” … is this a single document within a project. or is it one your projects that isn’t sync’ing?



Following up on @xiamenese’s pertinent question, I’m going to assume you mean your Scrivener “project” which is actually a macOS “package” holding hundreds or more files … just looks like a *.scriv file when you look at it in Finder.

Follow the trail from where it is to where it might have gone wrong.

  • reconfirm it is in your desktop’s Dropbox folder
  • reconfirm that Dropbox is running on the desktop. Look at sync history and reconfirm it’s working as you expect
  • reconfirm by logging in to your account on Dropbox’s web site. Confirm you scrivener project(s), esp. the “missing” one is there or not
  • reconfirm that on your iPad you have Dropbox running.
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Just for clarity, this is not a reference to the Dropbox iOS app, but rather to having Dropbox syncing enabled in the Scrivener app itself. If you have other projects co-located on Dropbox and these are showing up and syncing in the Scriv iOS app, then that is a good indicator that this particular link in the chain is not what’s broken.


My own guess is that the file which is in your dropbox that is not showing up at all is not a Scrivener project. From the Mac side do Get Info on that file and compare what you see with what you get when you Get Info on a functioning scrivener project.


Had something similar to that when a sync fail because of a network outage and one of the work files was left in the Scrivener package. Deleting the file, it had an obvious name, after discussions here with support cleared the problem.

Oooh, i was talking about the project.

Oh, that’s it!
That one project is just a regular folder, instead of a Scrivener project. I have no idea how that could have happened, but I think I know how to fix it. Thanks a lot!