One-on-one help

Tech challenged and looking for one-on-one help (Zoom?). Thank you.

Would be glad to help. Scrivener has blog posts on scrivener on site, teaching videos, a tutorial inside project when you open, and webinars once a month that can be very helpful. One book that is a good start is take control of Scrivener 3. I have zoom but unpaid version which limits to 40 minutes. Start with the book and go thru and explore scrivener. After your feet are wet, will be glad to help and you can message me. i have been using for about 4 years.

Quick question pls: as I type in Scrivener the letters β€˜on’ and β€˜my’ get automatically high lighted in yellow, which is a different shade from the yellow in the palette. I can cancel the color in a text - but none work for the letters. Thank you. Iain

Looks like the search terms β€œon” and β€œmy” are still in the search box. Click the magnifying glass above the Binder to show the search box. Clear the text in the box to remove the yellow highlight.

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The highlighting of search results should turn off with the search hidden, though.
So, likely the OP left it visible, thinking (perhaps) that he/she was actually looking at the binder.

Worked - thank you !