One project can´t be opened anymore

Dear All,

I have two different projects I´m working on right now.
When I wanted to open the bigger one of them this morning, it wouldn´t open. I have the settings, that I get the start panel at the beginning and I got that fine.
I selected the project I wanted to open (it was the one I worked on last, too) and since it sometimes takes a while to open this bigger one (it is about 13MB in a zip-folder), I did other things during the wait. After a while I realized that Scrivener was closed completely. I tried again and it didn´t open.
I tried the smaller project then (it´s only about 300kb in a zip-folder) and that one opened just fine.

I did a restart of the computer then and tried again with the same result. The big one won´t open, the smaller one does without problems.
I tried to open the bigger project from when I have the smaller one open and it starts but then the whole program goes first to “not responding” then goes completely white and then closes itself completely.

Next thing I tried, is to open the project from its folder by going to the folder and clicking on the project. That doesn´t work either, Scrivener starts (I have it in my task bar, so I see it starts) and then it closes itself.

I wondered, if it could have to do anything with the size at first, but found the information in the manual and some answers here, that this shouldn´t be the problem.

I checked for other topics with the same problem, but couldn´t find anything.
In the FAQ I only found a solution for fixing an incompatible project and since it isn´t what I experienced I was afraid to do the editing.
I would try that, if I knew it is the right thing to do.


And I forgot to say, that it is a bit urgent to get the project back, because I need it for studying

It’s probably either a bad file trying to load when the project opens that is causing it to crash or a problem of loading too many documents at once, e.g. trying to load the entire Draft into Scrivenings might be just eating up too much memory at this point and it hangs on trying to open. Both are fixable, either by removing the problem file or adjusting the project settings in the ui.ini file so that it isn’t trying to load everything in one go. Switching what the project is trying to load should at least allow it to open in either case; then if there is also a problem document, we can work on getting that out of the project once you’re in.

Make a backup of the project’s .scriv folder by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer and choosing “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”. Then go into the folder and into the Settings folder, then open the “ui.ini” file in Notepad. Here make the following changes:

set firstEditorSource to equal 0
set secondEditorSource to equal 0
set firstEditorMode to equal 0
set secondEditorMode to equal 0
set groupMode to equal 0

Then save the file and try opening the project again. Hopefully this will let the project open, and it will display the editor with the Draft folder in single document mode, meaning no text will be loaded and the editor will just say “Draft Folder”. You can then just click in the binder to load items as normal. The group mode will be set to show just the container document if you select a folder or document group, so you’ll need to use the group mode icons in the toolbar or the “Scrivenings”, “Corkboard” and “Outline” options in the View menu to switch to whatever group mode you want. (After which, as usual, clicking on other folders will remember the group mode state you set.)

If you remember what document you had loaded in the project when you last closed, you can see if it will load now in the editor or if it causes a freeze or such (though if it does you might have to redo the work above, you might want to use File > Back Up > Back Up To… first to make a backup in a good state before doing that, then just restore from the backup). You could also try locking the editor using View > Editor > Lock in Place, then selecting the document in the binder and using File > Export to see if you can get a copy of it outside of the project. Then to trash it, just drag the document in the binder to the Trash and empty the trash. This will permanently delete the item, so make sure you have a good backup of it first!

If the document loads without an issue, or if you remember that you did have a big set of documents loaded in the editor when you last closed the project, just changing the view may have been all that was necessary. In that case, I’d just make sure when you close the project that you switch to viewing just a single document in the editor or only a small group of documents so that Scrivener isn’t struggling to load a huge set of files when opening the project, and it ought to open fine.

Dear MM,

YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!! It worked, I can open it again :smiley: . THANK YOU!!

I will go and check the other things you said now, just wanted to let you know, that I could open it.

I think, it could have been that I had too many things selected by chance when I closed it last time. Normally I try to avoid that, but sometimes I click wrongly on a big folder. Will double-check that in the future!

Dear MM,

I looked through my documents and I think I found the project I worked on last and it opens just fine.
So I guess I really had too many things in load here.

I am very thankful for you and the whole team. You are always fast in helping with problems and finding solutions. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WORK.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s all working and you didn’t have to discard any documents, either. Good luck with your studying!

Dear MM,

is it possible, that the changes in the settings caused the project to load faster in general? Because I had the feeling today, that it was fully loaded much faster than before :slight_smile:.