One Project Multiple Devices?

I’ve owned Scrivener for a while now but have never really gotten a chance to use it as I’d envisioned for writing. I hope to change that, though. Now, I have more devices than before. I own the macOS version, and I’m curious about the functionality of working cross-device/platform on the same projects. Can anyone with experience do this weigh-in? How helpful do you guys find the iOS companion app? I’m also curious about working on projects with a co-author.


I routinely use the macOS and iOS apps. Sync with Dropbox. The iOS app is of course different and less functional than the macOS app, deliberately so. The L&L developers did a great job picking out those bits a user of the iOS app needs. I mainly work on project editing using the iPad or iPhone device. While out and about it’s terrific for that. Don’t expect to do much compiling unless the pared down compile capability is sufficient.

Regarding working with your co-author, there are numerous posts here about collaboration techniques. All require attention to detail about current state of the documents, versioning, etc. Search the forum.