One project, multiple output files from compile

Scrivener: 2.4.1

I am submitting a short-story to a publisher and they require several separate RTF documents (no choice on the file format): the manuscript itself, a synopsis and a query letter. I have them all in the same Scrivener project and I’d like to do one compile and generate all three documents. Is this possible? Thanks!

Not really, as the compiler is mainly set up to do the opposite: turn a bunch of files in the binder into one. There is the iBooks Author output, but that produces .docx files, and I don’t think it would work for what you want as it normally outputs files where a page break would otherwise be.

I think your best choice will be to keep the query letter and synopsis outside of the Draft and just use File/Export/Files... to save those two, then compile the manuscript to RTF as per normal.

That works, almost. Is there any way to force a page break in the export process?

Thanks for the quick help!

This is probably overkill, but you could do what others have for books in a series: create one folder per output document (in your case, cover letter, synopsis, and story), and then individually compile each of them by telling the compile dialogue to focus on just one of those folders at a time. In the Contents pane, there’s a drop-down list that starts with your draft/manuscript folder; you can choose which folder under it to treat as the main compile source, ignoring the rest.

To force singular page breaks, there is a checkbox in the Inspector for each item that will insert one before that section starts. For more predictable patterns (say you put each short story in a folder with several documents for the scenes, the Separators panel in the compile pane will help you out. In fact the default settings treat folders with files in an intuitive way, so that each new folder will start a new page (or file if you use the iBooks chapters output).