One project syncs to iCloud, the other to DropBox. How to coordinate?

Hi. I know that people don’t recommend iCloud for syncing, but I’ve had endless frustration with file retrieval from DropBox, along with slow or absent customer service, so won’t use them. I’ve got my book project syncing to iCloud (with routine backups provided by Time Machine and CrashPlan.) My play, which I started on Scrivener 2 (and have since opened in Scrivener 3), insists on syncing to an old DropBox file, even though I have directed it to sync to a folder in iCloud. (Scrivener, preferences, Backup)

  1. How might I move the play’s files to iCloud? Step by step directions would be appreciated, since I’m quite new at this.
  2. What are the best alternatives to iCloud? Since I’m paying for CrashPlan and ICloud storage, I hate like heck paying for yet another service.

Thank you all. And Merry Christmas!

Use the File -> Save As command to save a copy of the project to your iCloud location. Give it a different name so that you’ll know which version is which. Once you’ve confirmed that changes are appearing in iCloud as desired, delete the other copy using Finder.

The Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups setting only affects the location of Scrivener’s automatic backups. It has nothing to do with the location of the live project.

Please read this article about best practices to avoid synchronization errors: … c-services


Thank you, Katherine. It seems as if everything is directed onto iCloud so we’ll give it a go. And I’ll be sure to read what you sent. Thank you very much. And happy Christmas.