One research log for multiple projects.

Hello all, I’m very new to this program but so far it looks like it will be perfect for my needs. Is there a way to have one research file that can be used across multiple projects? I’m a genealogist, I use my research log more like a cron file but I would like to build pointers to the log for my reference as I’m writing my reports. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.


Why not use a strong genealogy program, like Reunion? You can make up multiple family files but also show connections among those files where necessary. See

Barring that option, consider using one of the DevonThink products. They are freeform databases and very powerful as repositories of information that you may want to use in multiple Scrivener projects. See

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The other way is to keep a separate project for research. You can drag and drop documents from one project into another via the binder.