One thing I like about Scrivener

vs Ulysses, that is (and I say this as a longtime user of Ulysses who hasn’t yet decided whether to switch).

Ulysses has large chunks of UI taking up the left and right sides of the window. Scrivener doesn’t. It’s like the difference between iTunes 4 and iTunes 5.

Why do I care? My favorite font for writing on my 12" iBook is Monaco 12. In Ulysses, if I set it to Monaco 12 and resize the binder and info panes to reasonable widths, my text is ridiculously skinny. In Scrivener it’s just right. Nice.

Plus, if you set your font in Scrivener (or any other app) to Monaco, you can’t use bold or italics, because Monaco doesn’t have them. :slight_smile: