One-touch conversion of text files Mac->PC

Anyone know a quick and easy workflow for converting the Mac format text files that Scrivener produces to Windows - ie. change the line endings? Preferably with no third party programs like LineBreak. And it has to work with multiple files.

Ideally, Keith would bake this right into the feature-frozen Scriv. :slight_smile:


Can’t you just use TextEdit and save the file as a Windows-compatible text file type? TextEdit lets you choose the encoding in which to save the file…

I can use TextEdit, but when you’re doing that conversion on, say, 10-15 files a day, on a deadline - and I’m always on a pressing deadline - you hanker for something simpler. Like an export option :slight_smile:) Or that your publisher would switch to Macs.

But failing either of those two happy scenarios, I’m looking for something simple, like an Automator action, that will take three Mac-encoded text files on my desktop, convert them to Windows encoding, and then automatically go away and let me get on with emailing them. I might have to try and cobble something together with iKey. Last time I tried, though, I got too many unexpected surprises to make it worthwhile.


What e-mail application are you using? I don’t know about Apple’s Mail, but in Entourage (Office 2004), you handle that with the Preferences for Mail & News > Attachments, which offers four encodings:

Any computer (AppleDouble)
Macintosh (BinHex)
Windows (MIME/Base64)
UNIX (UUEncode)

Just attach the files; encoding occurs when you click Send. I always leave mine on AppleDouble, and Windows users have no problems with the files. Your e-mail may have similar options in the Preferences.

Will the email attachment settings change the document’s line endings? I’ve got Mail set to send “Windows-friendly attachments”, but that doesn’t seem to affect line breaks. And that’s where my problem lies: if I send a Mac-encoded text doc, the editor gripes about having to manually enter line breaks (and threatens me with the fearful prospect of having to use one of the company’s PCs).