One-touch reset for search

This is quite minor, but as this is a list for wishes I’ll go ahead…

When I’m searching around in a complicated project I find it a bit cumbersome to return to the full view of all files. I have to return to the Find window and delete what is there to get the full Binder list. It would be great to have a one-click, keyboard-shortcut way to remove search terms and return to the normal view of all files in the Binder. Kind of like Evernote’s Command-R which removes any instructions about which notebook, tags and text to select and returns the user to All Notebooks, All Notes.

Just a suggestion for some future version.


You can either hit opt-cmd-R to return to the binder with the currently-selected item in the search list selected in the binder, or you can set up a keyboard shortcut (via System Preferences) for View > Collections > Binder.

(There’s an “x” button at the bottom of the search list you can click too.)

All the best,

Thanks, Keith! All good to know.

Adding a shortcut doesn’t seem to work–it goes to View > Label Color In > Binder instead. So Opt-Cmd-R is the best quick keyboard option at the moment. You could also use Ctrl-Opt-F to jump to the Project Search bar; the text will be selected so then you’d just hit the Delete key to clear it and restore the binder.