OneDrive: strange things happen


I was creating a new project on my Mac, syncing it to OneDrive. After that I worked on that project on my Win laptop which worked perfect - the project I created on my Mac was correctly synced.
Now, ater I worked on the project on my Win PC, I also synced it to OneDrive, BUT: when opening the project on the Mac again, it was the version I created on the Mac without anything in it what I did on my Win PC. So at home, I needed to switch off WiFi, startet my PC and saved my project.

What could be the problem?


The problem is your using OneDrive. It’s known for not working with the complex folder structure that Scrivener uses. You should use Dropbox.

Why does it work from Mac --> PC but not vice verse. That’s really strange.
Is there any other way to sync without Dropbox? Since I do not have Dropbox, I just don’t want to install it just because of Scrivener.


See the three articles under Cloud Syncing…

Hi Kopernikus,

As others have said, currently only DropBox allows true sync between devices. The other cloud services cannot handle Scrivener’s multi-file design.

Before I got the iOS version of Scrivener, I used to “sync” using OneDrive between two Windows PCs, by using the “Alternative Method” described at this URL:

Basically, it means you configure Scrivener’s zipped backups to save to a OneDrive folder, and then use that to pass your project back and forth between the Windows PCs. It is not automatic, in that you need to unzip the project on each PC before you use it, and you need to be sure you are working with the latest zip file. But if you are careful, it works fine.

But I must say, once I started using DropBox (free version), I would never go back to that method. DropBox is automatic and painless, as long as you are sure to close the project and fully sync on first device, before you fully sync and open it on second device.

Best of luck,

To be fair, OneDrive has gotten a bit better, but I still wouldn’t use it for PC-to-PC syncing of my live Scrivener projects because the OneDrive sync engine is still too brittle. It used to stop syncing anything if there was a problem with a single file (which it would often have issues with files that originally came from SharePoint); it’s better than that now, but I’ve already switch my Scrivener setup over to DropBox and really don’t feel like being a test rat again. Actual sync issues with Scrivener files were low, but that’s because I would have to waste time fixing the issues with other files to get OneDrive working again for the files I really wanted to work on.

You’re right. I installed a free Dropbox account and it works perfect so far.