Onedrive vs dropbox


I see that scrivener is recommending to use dropbox to sync projects across computers or platforms. Is there anyone who has been using onedrive? Are there any known issues? Clear disadvantages in using Onedrive instead of Dropbox?



We haven’t seen any flood of reports that would suggest using OneDrive is a bad choice. You may wish to consider disabling the “Files On-Demand” feature, which has the potential for removing Scrivener project resources from your disk, but a user report suggested that even with it on, and with Scrivener files missing, it is safe to use, because the way it works is by acting like a “slow drive” while they download in the background. Thus a project that is somewhat “offline” will just load a little more slowly the very first time. If this is true, then as I said in that thread, that is exactly how these kinds of sync features should be implemented. In the past they were awful, and would result in panic because you’d load a project and half of it would appear missing.

I see that scrivener is recommending to use dropbox to sync projects across computers or platforms.

I don’t know where that is said. It may be a confusion between how the iOS version only supports the Dropbox API at this time. Scrivener between desktops though can in theory work with just about any sync tool, so long as it knows what a file and a folder is, and how to put one into the other. :slight_smile: The only one we know of that causes real problems is Google Drive.

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Has the recommendation voor changed?

Judging by their support article on it, it looks like if one has upgraded Box client past a certain point, it should be okay.

I’ll updated the advisory accordingly. Thanks!

When I tried to put a Scrivener Project on Box from Mac, I got an alert that Box won’t handle Scrivener projects. That was some time ago, mind you, and I haven’t tried since.



It looks like they finally updated it to work on February of this year, so it may be worth another try at this point.

No such luck!


Strange! I wonder what they mean when they say, “Effective Box Sync 4.0.5024, you can sync Mac packages to and from Box.:laughing:

Then again, 0 out of 4 people found that article helpful.

I updated Box on 28th August. Perhaps you need to subscribe to a “Pro” level, which I’m not interested in.


I have seen inconsistent results on this – larger files (like you’d have in a Research folder) can take long enough to copy down that they cause the disk I/O request to time out – so I would suggest that more testing is required before relaxing this recommendation. At any rate, since OneDrive gives you file-level granularity for setting “Always keep on this device”, I would highly recommend that anyone using OneDrive make sure this is completely set on all Scrivener project files and simply avoid any potential issues.

The easiest way to do this is to create a separate “Active” folder for your active projects and make sure “Always keep on this device” is set on this folder and allowed to modify everything beneath it. If you’re worried about space on your end devices, you can have a second “Inactive” folder where “Free up space” is set;’ then manually move your projects between “Active” and “Inactive.” As a project is moved from one to the other it will inherit the settings of the parent folder, stay synced to OneDrive, but add itself or remove itself from the local device’s hard drive appropriately.

And since these settings are per-device, you can keep everything on disk on one machine if you have the room for it.


Thanks everyone to take time to answer my question :slight_smile:
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Reading the Box support doc that Amber V linked to, I suspect you may have to empty your Box folder and delete any files therein. Once you’ve done that then upload them again using the Box Sync app and that might do the trick.

From the Box support Doc:

You can only sync new uploads of [Mac packages]. Any package uploaded to Box (using the upload folder method provided by some browsers) prior to the release of this feature will no longer sync automatically.

It could be there’s some legacy stuff which is confusing the Box Sync app.

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