I use Scrivener Mac OS daily. I have a MacBook Air running High Sierra. It works great. I save to OneDrive. My questions:

Will Scrivener 3, also, work with OneDrive?

Does Scrivener IOS work with OneDrive so my projects will be available on all my devices like my iPads and iPhone?

Scrivener synching to iOS version is only supported with Dropbox.

Dropbox is the only cloud service that supports Scrivener’s file structure.

If you are going to work with iOS Scrivener either with Win or Mac, Dropbox!

Be careful when you use OneDrive: … e-advisory

That second statement is not actually true. I’ve been using Scrivener collaboratively with my (Windows-using) friend in China for over a year now—since the demise of Cubby—using Sync, and others claim success with Box. However, if you want to include iOS in your work-chain, then it does have to be Dropbox.

I seem to remember that there is another thread somewhere, I think in the iOS forums, where the poster was having trouble with Scrivener and Files on his iOS device and was apparently keeping his project on iCloud, if I remember rightly. I wonder if anyone has pointed out to him the danger of iCloud and Scrivener projects; I’d better go and look.