Online manual for Scrivener 3?

I found a downloadable PDF manual for Scrivener 3 but is there an online version somewhere as there is for Scrivener 2? I expect the manual being updated, hence.

The Scrivener Manual is part of the Scrivener 3 install. You will find it under the Help menu in Scriv.*


  • Which is, in fact, where it has always been!

Will this indeed be the latest version of the manual? It is updated when Scrivener is updated?

Yes, yes it will be the latest. Since Scriv 3 just came out yesterday, you can bet the Scriv 3 manual you got with it is the latest thing. It is easy to identify by its title page “SCRIVENER 3 USER MANUAL”, it says!

Sure, Scrivener 3 manual. No confusion with the version 2 here. I just expect the manual, The Scrivener 3 Manual, to see some changes in the future. Just want to be up-to-date, that’s all.

Yes, the manual is updated with point upgrades to the software as needed, so the version available from the Help menu is always the most recent applying to that particular Scrivener version.

And in fact the manual that you get from the Help menu is likely to be more up to date than, say, one you might find in the Support area of the site. The one that is delivered with Scrivener is updated first, and all other versions you might see are derived from it.


Thank you for reassuring! It’s good to know this.

Indeed, the manual in the Help menu will always be the version of the manual for the version of Scrivener you have. That said, Ioa is usually pretty efficient about updating the version of the site. And you can still download the manual from our site - you’ll find a link to the user guides at the top out our Learn & Support page.

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