Online platform?

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener and will be downloading it on my laptop soon and try the free trial.

I found some things concerning Android mobile apps and Chromebook which would be great. However, maybe there’s an easier way?

Please keep in mind I do not know much about software building and therefore, could be wrong or perhaps there’s more to it. So do bare with me.

The idea is, you can go to the website, log in, and all your files and etc will be right there. Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to create separate software aps etc?

The reason why I’m asking is because I have a laptop which is fine except that I don’t always bring it with me. I have a Android phone and tablet (not sure if it’ll work for tablet) and dislike being limited since there doesn’t seem to be an Android version at this time.

Like I said, I don’t know much about softwares and how they work but I think Scrivener would get much more out of it if you can also access it anywhere online through a website.

You have picked the linux forum and for Scrivener, the linux branch is officially a dead branch. It has been resuscitated from time to time but the last issue was definitively said to be the ‘last’.
Under your name it says you’re windows platform so you might be better raising this issue of cloud computing for Scrivener on one of their other forums.
It certainly is the fashion these days to rely on the cloud so it could be that the good folk at lit&lat are thinking on those lines.

Do search the forums, though – the topic has been brought up and L&L has responded.

With the latest release of Scrivener, you can now “sync.” This allows you to easily use the raw text or rich text files of your Scrivener project with external software.

File > Sync > With External Folder

I sync a collection called “Sync” which contains various text-only documents from both the Draft and Research sections. I recommend only attempting to sync plain text (under the Format section of the Sync with External Folder dialog) if you plan on editing on Android. As far as I know there are no Android apps that can properly parse/format RTF - except maybe Word. But Word is a little overkill if you just want to jot down some ideas and sync with Scrivener later.

You can add your sync folder to Dropbox/Google Drive and then edit in the following apps. The first four are all good in their own ways:

neutriNote: Powerful - it has a bar above the keyboard to quick-paste things like: location, date, time, Markdown characters, etc. Notes can be searched in many ways. Lots of info about the file including number of bytes. Can only be synced with Dropbox via a separate “connector” app.

Jotterpad: Beautiful. Simple. Nice dashboard to easily view your “Draft” and “Notes” folders in Dropbox. Can only be synced with Dropbox. Accepts Markdown. Has a nice “snapshots” feature for a simple revision history. Has a fast Markdown tab above the keyboard.

Quicknote: Supposedly can handle large files. Support for Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Can be used to edit source code files (can change the syntax). Tabbed interface so multiple docs can be open at a time. Markdown tab obove the keyboard.

IAWriter: Beautiful interface, minus the awkward tabs at the top and the devotion to text even in the file browser (I imagine once you get used to the interface it’s fast). EXCELLENT Markdown support with an intuitive Markdown input tab. Can easily preview Markdown. Google Drive and Dropbox support.

WriterPlus: Live Markdown preview. Simple. Google Drive support.

MarkdownX: Excessive permissions such as “Device ID and Call Status” (waiting on the dev’s response). Simple. Dropbox support.

Monospace: So buggy on my phone that it wasn’t usable.

Jota Pro: Too expensive for me.

DroidEdit: Box support. Didn’t try this one.