Only 1 of 5 Search Results Highlighted

Hi, I’ve got a problem with searching for words/keywords in a text:

The interactive tutorial says
“… that the search term—in this case “collection”—is now highlighted in yellow in the current document wherever it appears. You can click on the documents in the search results list too, and easily see at a glance where the term you searched for is in the document.”

Indeed, it does - but only in text that was originally written in the current document.
I imported some Word documents into the current Scrivener project,
and copied some text passages into the text I have been writing.

Now when I search for a term, the documents in question will come up,
but the term itself will only be highlighted where I typed them directly in Scrivener,
and not in the copied material nor in the text I typed below it.

As you can see in the screenshot, the search term “mini” comes up 5 times:

Mini Panini -
Olive mini mini mini

But it is highlighted only once:

This is weird, isn’t it? Could someone help me here? Or ist this a bug?

PS: Also, as you can see, the bold “Mini” is not shown as being commented.

This looks like a highlighting bug. Select all the text and then choose Format > Highlight > Remove Color. The Word document appears to have imported with a white highlight which is obscuring both the comment highlight and the search highlight.

While you’re about it, I’d also choose Format > Text > Remove Color. It’s likely that it’s set to black, which is fine in the editor where you’re using black anyway, but may be a problem if you switch to Full Screen mode and have a different paper colour that makes it hard to read the black.

Finally, could you check that you’re using the latest version, 1.7.3? The highlight obscuring the comment was an older bug that has been fixed–you won’t see the comment colour background around the linked text, but you should still see the rectangular outline. The search highlight I am seeing as a problem in 1.7.3 but not the comment problem.

Hi MM,

I installed Scrivener on my netbook and imported the text in question.
When I tried the search, none of the problems mentioned above came up.

Hence it looks like I’ll have to download a newer version,
which I thought impropable as Scrivener Help told me that there is no new update available.

Thanks for your detailled answer, I think I learned some important things to look at in the future!