Only folders in Outliner

Is there a way of showing only Folders in the Outliner, and hiding Files? I have my text broken into lots of small Files, but all the chapter and section titles are in Folders. I am adding a synopsis to each Folder, and so I’d like to see only those in the Outliner. I can’t see a quick way to do this.

Thanks in anticipation! :slight_smile:

Do you have all of your folders basically lined up at the same level? If so, you could just select the container for all of these folders, what will probably be the main Draft folder unless you have parts, and then with the container(s) selected, use the Edit/Select Subgroups menu command to create a multiple selection of only the groups (probably just folders, but text that has other stuff indented within it can qualify as a group and will be selected by this command as well).

It’s not quite what you were asking for (there is no way to just select folders or files), but I think it should accomplish the same thing, especially since you may note that it selects all visible subgroups, so even folders within folders will be selected if they are visible.

No, the folders are nested within the Draft folder. One folder for each chapter, then folders within for each section, then subsections.

On trying it, though, Edit > Select Subgroups (after expanding all Binder items) works pretty well! It picks up some documents that have children, but not so many that I can’t get by. Only thing is, in the Outliner the selected items are ordered alphabetically. Is there a way to display them in the same order in which they are in the Binder?

It sounds like you might have sorted the outliner at some point. If the Title field is dark and has an arrow on the right end of it, click it until it goes grey again, now it should be back to Binder order.

Perfect! Thanks :slight_smile: