Only Title Page Shows in Compile

New user of Scrivener. Love the product.

Writing a novel. Used the standard novel template.
I put chapters in files under the Manuscript folder.
Added a Title Page under Front Matter.

When I click File/Compile even though Manuscript is selected, none of my chapters show up. When I click on Include Front matter I get only the title page included.

I can compile Selected if I select all the chapters, but then I don’t have a title page.

Need help!

Make sure the folders are correctly indented beneath the main “Draft” folder (it has been renamed to “Manuscript” in your template). It sounds to me as though they items may be “below” this folder in the sense that “Black Book” here is, but not actually nested within it, as “Red Book” is.

Thank you so much. That was exactly it. I just dragged the chapters and dropped them into the Manuscript label. Then when I compiled I got it all!

Problem solved!

now I just need to figure out how to get it to create the title page on a separate page.

Thanks for the quick response! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! Glad that’s all it was.

You probably just need to enable the page break checkbox for this item. Click on the blue ‘i’ button to open the Inspector for the title page, and check off “Page Break Before” in that middle section. You’ll of course also need a page break after the title page, but that might happen automatically. By default if a folder follows a text document it will generate a page break. So if the chapter 1 folder follows the title page, it should cut to a new page.