Ooooooooo--I just ADORE Compile Draft!!!

I had not touched this wonderful element of Scriv in the whole two years I’ve owned the program, under the assumption I had nothing to “compile.” WHAT an oversight! I’ve now found out I can compile just the index cards, just the notes, any number of wonderful combinations, generating a working outline, an ongoing list of notes per documents, yadda yadda yadda. Enormously helpful and tons of fun. Only wish I had braved the waters earlier on, but this is certainly making my rewrite life easier. I’d encourage any Scriv user to explore the Compile Draft feature right from the beginning. I wonder if I should cross post or transfer this to the “How do You Use Scriv” forum? Don’t want to clutter up your board, Keith, you decide. :slight_smile:

Many thanks again. Scrivener rocks.