Open a Scrivener scene in other text editor

I forget how to open a single file/scene in another text editor.

I’m using iOS and Mac, so my projects are all in Dropbox.

There used to be a way I could edit scenes one by one in another text editor… Anyone know how to do this?

Example - in my Scrivener project named Grushenka, I could use iA Writer app to edit scenes in my Grushenka project.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The usual way of doing this is File > Sync > Sync with external folder (but you don’t have to limit it to just one document at a time).

Or if you are just doing one at a time, copy and paste from one program into another and then back again works surprising well even after all of these decades. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, I thought we weren’t supposed to use sync with external folder if I was using the new Dropbox sync.

You can use both at once, you just have to keep in mind that it’s another sync instance. You wouldn’t want to make edits there and on an iPhone at the same time unless you’re very careful to only edit different things, otherwise one might trample over the other.

What you probably read though is a general statement to not use external folder sync as a substitute for syncing the whole project with iOS. There was some confusion over that initially, people thinking you use this feature to sync with the iPhone directly, rather than just sending the whole project.