Open Binder in Multiple Windows

I would like to be able to open a single binder in multiple windows.

Here’s the reason for this: When I’m working on a complicated writing project, I frequently need to consult, sort through, and rearrange note files (or note cards). I know that Scrivener already has several features for doing multiple things at once (split screen; collections; QuickRef windows), and I know and love all of these. But it would be ideal to have one whole window that I could use for writing, and have another window (but the same binder) for consulting and manipulating my notes. This would be helpful for separating the mental work of organizing from the mental work of writing, but more than that, it would enable me to switch between the two modes very easily and quickly using the Cmmd-` keyboard shortcut.

(As I’m imagining it, the multiple windows would have live updating, in the same way as split screen mode.)

I have been wondering about this, too. I’m planning a series of novels and would like to keep common reference information in a single location that could be referenced by all projects.

This isn’t what you are asking for, but I frequently do need to reference a separate part of my project while writing in the other, and sometimes adding or moving documents within that other section. Here’s a description of my setup:

First, do a vertical split of the editor.
Choose Window->Zoom to fit screen.
With the left editor having the focus, I select my Characters folder in the binder.
Choose outline mode, and then deselect most of the columns. I usually just need the character/document names and the synopsis visible (sometimes not even the synopsis).
Click on the folder’s icon in the editor’s header and select “Lock in place” so that binder selections don’t display in the left editor.
Finally, shrink the left editor so that it has just enough room to display the document/character names.
Select View->Binder Affects->Right Editor.
Adjust your binder, left & right editors and inspector to your satisfaction, and then save the window layout so you can get back to this exact setup more easily.

When I want to view an individual character sheet, I click on it in the outline mode and hit the space bar.

I hope that gives you some idea on how you can have two binders (not in two windows, sadly) in the current version of Scrivener.

The most common solution I’ve seen to this is to keep all of your series in one Scrivener project. All of your research and background info will always be present that way.

To keep your books separate, just create a folder outside your Draft* folder for each finished book or outlines of future books.

  • Alternately named Manuscript, or anything you want it to be.