Open compiled document in:

I recently upgraded Scrivener to version 3.3.1.

Thanks to the entire L&L team that put this update/upgrade together.

Since the upgrade, Scrivener stopped automatically opening my compiled .tex file within TeXShop, my typesetting application.

Well over three years ago I spent (an unmentionable amount of) time looking for a way to automate my work flow in a feeble, but burgeoning, effort to connect my Scrivener .tex file output to TeXShop, my typesetting application.

If memory (a bit vague at this point) serves me, someone on L&L may have pointed me in the right direction toward the Compile screen. From there, I could select the Open compiled document in: and then select the appropriate drop-down item for my particular typesetting app.

Well, today, over three years later, after the update to version 3.3.1, Scrivener stopped automatically opening my compiled .tex file within my typesetting application, TeXShop.

So, after an equivalent amount of an (unstated) embarrassing amount time, searching L&L, SE, and finally the internet, I found an obscure reference to Gwen Hernandez’s post on Compiling a DOCX in Scrivener 3.

Gwen includes an almost off-the-cuff comment that happens to mention how:

"If you don’t want the file to open automatically after compiling, deselect the option to “Open compiled output in."

After having a kind of Scrivener Groundhog Day … I thought I’d post here the above entry to serve as a possible post for, if/when (in another three years or so) I upgrade my Scrivener software (and AI is still not ready for prime time) and my link between Scrivener and TeXShop breaks.

Hopefully, the above entry will save me from spending an unmentionable amount of time re-connecting the two back together.


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Have you confirmed whether this works at all, or if it is specifically an issue with TeXShop? I am having no issues with the compiled .tex file being opened automatically into Sublime Text, for example.

Some additional things to try:

  • Check for TeXShop updates and apply them.
  • Let us know your macOS version as that can change a great deal in whether we see it.
  • Try reinstalling TeXShop.
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Hi AmberV,

Thank you for your post.

As I outlined in my OP, as long as I have the option “Open compiled document in: < select TeXShop >” checked … then Scrivener seamlessly opens the just-compiled .tex file within TeXShop. :smile:

I’m appreciative for the obscure reference that appeared in Gwen Hernandez’s post on Compiling a DOCX in Scrivener 3 for pointing out what a few years of time seems to have erased (my previous search and experience to locate the Scrivener option) from memory.

Thank you,

Can you please remind me where to check/uncheck the “Open compiled document”. My problem is similar but the opposite. I want to stop it from automatically opening in Word when I compile and I can’t remember for the life of me where the check box was

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I can’t thank you enough!!!