Open compiled document in…

When I compile using Multimarkdown ➙ LaTex option, it opens a Save As dialogue box, which offers an option to ‘Open compiled document in:’ A drop-down list then offers a number of text editors, several of which are associated with markdown on my Mac, but also including TextEdit, Notes, Excel etc., i.e. what seems to be a fairly arbitrary list.

I use TexShop to parse my compiled Tex file and produce a PDF and I would like to have TexShop appear on this list.

I have already added TexShop as the default app to open .tex files, so that doesn’t achieve my goal.

Can anyone suggest / explain how to ensure it is added? :question:

TeXShop is a bit hit and miss for me, whether it shows up on that list. I have never had any luck getting it to show up on my main 10.12 workstation, but it shows up fine on the 10.13 laptop. The same goes for whether I see it listed in Finder with the “Open With” menu, too. I’ve sometimes had to choose “other” and manually select it to set it as the default handler.

Well at any rate there isn’t much advice I can give you from the Scrivener side of things—we just ask the Mac for a list of programs that handle X file type and it gives us the list.

I haven’t tried it myself, but this tip claims to make it possible to adjust what options show up in the “open with” menu, which might in turn impact the list Scrivener gets.

Thank you. I couldn’t follow the linked solution, but thanks for the response, Amber.

It started working with TexShop some months back and it felt so good to have the compiled LaTex open automagically.

Hey ho.


I found that I had TexShop, the application itself, in a folder within the main MacOS Applications folder. By moving / copying it into the main Applications folder, I immediately found that the TexShop app was available on the Open In… menu, as discussed above.

Yay! :smiley: