Open Corkboard Selection in Other Editor

Is this a bug or a feature?

I set up with dual editors, corkboard on the left, document on the right, switch on the corkboard flipped so that card selected in the corkboard will open the document in the right-hand editor.

It works fine.

Next, if I activate the right-hand editor, and click the parent folder of the corkboard, it shows me the Scrivenings view of the cards in the corkboard. So far, so good.

Now, if I click any card in the corkboard, the Scrivenings view stays and it scrolls to the position of the card I selected. I can’t get it to stop showing all contents as Scrivenings. The only remedy is to select the right-hand editor and then select a document unrelated to the corkboard, and then click a corkboard card. That sets it all right.

Is this expected behavior?

Yeah, that is the expected behaviour. It’s not one that I’m keen on either, but it’s definitely working as intended. Basically if you want to isolate one section and just work on it alone, the best way of doing so is to use the ⌘4 / Ctrl+4 shortcut to do so. This is the Navigate ▸ Go To ▸ Selection command, which works from the Scrivenings session, where it treats the section with the cursor in it as the “selection”. The unique thing about this command is that it doesn’t change your view mode.