Open document links in copyholder

In a project, I took a lot of notes over a few days, which I saved a many separate files within a folder. I made a separate file with many document links to various notes, sorted based on their topics and with little descriptions to make it easy to find whichever note I need. I was hoping to use this system (notes + organizing file) for reference while writing in another editor — essentially like the dual navigation view, but replacing an outliner/corkboard with a file full of links. However, this doesn’t work: while Scrivener can open clicked document links in the current editor, the other editor, or a quick reference panel, it can’t open them in a copyholder. So, it would be helpful to me if, at some point, it were possible to open clicked document links in a copyholder. Thanks for considering!

Good point! This is definitely an oversight. “Open in Copyholder” should really be added to the contextual menu for document links, and to the Behaviours preferences as an option. I’ve added this for 3.1.2.

In the meantime, what you can do is drag the link to the header bar and hold down the Option key when you drop it onto the header.

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Thank you! I’m happy to hear this will be possible. Also, thanks for the tip about dragging links while holding Option — I hadn’t considered that before.

I am using Scrivener 3.1.1 and I need to cover the following use-case.

I having two separate Scrivener projects and I want to link some documents from the one project to the other.
A document link looks like: x-scrivener-item:////MyProjects.scriv?id=40…

I see different ways to achieve this:

  • Add Document bookmark and use external link - name + url (x-scrivener-item:////MyProjects.scriv?id=40…)
    -> currently it is not possible to preview the content in the inspector pane - I would like to have a button like Load Webpage but Load External Link (Scrivener Preview)
  • Copy the document link to the Research folder and clicking on the link previews the document - similar to what you have with pdf or HTML files in the “Research” folder
    -> currently I can only drag and drop the document from one project to the other (e.g. in the Research folder) - but it won’t create a link but instead a copy of the document is created.
  • Double click on link (e.g. x-scrivener-item:////MyProjects.scriv?id=40…) within a document should allow to open document in a copy holder.

Any plans or idea how to achieve this behavior.

Is there a way to x-scrivener-item:///Users/myusername/Dropbox/Miscellaneous/stuff?id=A460AC40-5AFA-4FAD-B1EB-2FEE7DA2B5F0

File path so it always open to a specific binder file? I have a binder that is very large and I find myself regularly going to a path and I would like to use Keyboard Maestro to open a file but I have spent quite a bit of time trying different methods without success. I have tried opening it through a browser and bookmarked it and tried to AppleScript reference the UI element but it disappears. The Book Marks don’t show up for Keyboard Maestro and are soft and they disappear for UI Elements so I am not sure how I can accomplish always opening up to a specific binder file in a Scrivener document.

I think it’s great