Open element from corkboard

Hi there!
One small thing very high up on my wish list for scrivener would be the ability to open an element from the corboard view.

Why? Because this happens quite often:
I have a section of a document. I have some data (mostly diagrams, figures, etc.) in a folder in the research area of the binder that is relevant for this section. Instead of linking every single item from this data folder into the references area of the section i link the folder of the topic into the references of the section. In split pane this is nice to see the previews of the diagrams in the corkboard view beside my text. However i’m unable to open one of the elements that is displayed in the corkboard view. I have to look it up in the binder and open it separately to get the detailed view. Takes up a lot of time.

Unless this is already possible (and i was to blind to find the feature :slight_smile: ) i think this would make a nice little addition to Scrivener.

Thanks for the nice work & reading

You can already do this.

Depending on what you want to do, you can:

  • Select the index card in the corkboard and hit opt-cmd-O to open it in the current editor.

  • Double-click on the icon in the index card to open it in the current editor.

  • Select the index card in the corkboard and hit shift-cmd-O to open it in split view in the other editor.

  • Click on the two arrows at the bottom of the corkboard so that whenever you select an index card in that corkboard, its document gets opened in the other editor (so you can set it up like a three-pane outliner if you so wish).


Yikes! I did not think of clicking the tiny icon, i hammered away on the card itself…