open file in external editor _only_?

I work with PDFs a lot, and while it’s sometimes handy to have one open in a Scrivener editor window, I often open several in external Acrobat windows.

But when I right-click a file in the binder, it automatically opens in the active editor window, even if I go straight to “open/open in external editor” in the context menu.

One, this causes a delay, and sometimes a serious one if it’s a big file, and two, I have to go back to whatever other document was open in that editor window.

Actually, this really came up today after I had dragged an HTML webpage “snapshot” in from Zotero. I realize the smarter option is to just print the page to a PDF or something, so I really don’t care if I can open a file like this in Scrivener or not. But the delay was like two minutes while Scrivener tried to open it.

And, because Scrivener tries to open a file whenever I right-click on it, even moving a file to the trash requires the same delay.

This seems like kind of an anti-feature to me. If I want to open a file in an external editor, I’d think the presumption is that I don’t want to open it in Scrivener. I realize I could just stay out of Scrivener, but one thing I like about it is that it’s so useful in organizing resources (and for the duration of a project I’m okay with having multiple copies of the same file – i.e. in Scrivener and Zotero).

But… the real question is, what am I doing wrong?

If you do this kind of thing a lot, try locking the editor to whatever document or documents you want to continue viewing. There is a keyboard shortcut (CTRL-SHIFT-L) which toggles the lock feature on and off.

Ha! Thank you!