open files in external editor by keyboard shortcut?

since I am missing a pdf-text-highlight function (which is the main disadvantage of scrivener I think) within scrivener I need to open these documents by opening the contextual menu and selecting “open in external editor” to use Skim.

But I found out that this isn’t very efficient if you’re dealing with a whole lot of documents. Under /View / Open in … / External Editor is a shortcut mention: Apple+(a sign I don’t how its called)+O
However there is no reaction then showing the file open dialog when pressing these keys.

Can I change the behavior?

Wasn’t there a alternative way to open these documents, like double click inside the binder? (I think I have disabled it somewhere but can’t remember where… any suggestions are welcome)


Hi, the key you are looking for is the Control key. ^ indicates Ctrl in OS X menus.
Hope that helps.
All the best,