Open in other editor

Dear All,

I have a question about opening a document in the other editor. When I want to open a second document and go to the binder and right-click on the second document I want to open, this document always open in the first editor first with the right-click.

I don´t want to open the second document in the first editor beforehand, so that I don´t have to re-open my first document in the first editor after I opened the second document in the second editor.

I would like it, if the first document stays open in the first editor and the second document opens in the second editor when I right-click on it and then go to “open in other editor”.

Is this possible?


Easiest way is to use Ctrl-Shift-L while in the editor to lock the first editor before you click in the binder. The command is all accessible via the drop-down menu from the icon in the editor header or via View>Editor>Lock in Place. Binder clicks and clicks in the second editor that would normally cause a document to load in the first editor will be ignored until you use the same command to unlock the editor. You will still be able to use more deliberate commands on the editor to change it (automatically unlocking it) like the forward and backward in document history buttons or View>Go To.

Another option, depending what you’re after, may be to change the View>Binder Affects command. By default it’s set for “Current Editor”, so clicks will affect whichever editor is the last focused one (whichever has the blue header). You can change the Binder Affects so that your binder clicks will always only affect the left or right (bottom or top) editor, so that you could set up one editor with some more permanent view and then have the binder only control the second editor. This requires that you make the split first, though; otherwise the binder always affects the single editor that’s open. So it may not be quite what you’re after.

Dear MM,

the “lock in place”-option for the binder, is exactly what I need :smiley: ! Thanks so much.
There are some things I never tried out before, like the “lock in place”, because I didn´t understand what they were for :smiley: .
This was the same with the second editor, I just understood a week ago or so, how to use it and saw it´s benefits! :smiley:
This is really a great programm, I just love it!

Thanks for all the work you all are doing and the promptly help always,