open library

Came across this interesting online book site the other day. It is in its early stages but looks as if it could become a real resource.

I’m posting the link because of I discovered something Scrivener related that impressed me.

The site offers (in some instances) images of scanned books, and I am enough of a library-haunter to really enjoy the look of an actual book – library stamp, pencil marks etc – as I digitally ``flip’’ the pages. However the site also warns that the setup is only tuned for IE and another browser (can’t recall which). They want you to understand that they make no promises for any other software.

Still, I downloaded a book of poems published in 1917 as a web archive. Then I imported it into the Research section of a Scrivener project.

And it works just fine. In the familiar Scriv interface, I now have a digital book – not just text, but the look and feel of real pages, which can be flipped through in Scriv just as they are in a supported browser.

Another example of stalwart Scrivener surprising me in a pleasant way.

Anyway, I thought people might want to know about the site, and that Kevin might want to know about the importability into Scriv (I’m using the beta).