Open Link in Alternate Editor - Options?

I’m using Scrivener to brainstorm a new script idea. It’s set in a unique world that I have to build from the ground up, so I’ve got a lot of research notes organized into a bunch of different folders - e.g., “Concepts,” “Conflicts,” “Politics,” etc.

I use a lot of Scrivener Links. There are two types:

  1. A link - for when the text in one document refers to another document.

  2. A redirect - when a document falls under two folders (categories) - e.g., under both “Conflicts” and “Politics.” In this case, I create the original document under “Conflicts,” and then I create another document with the same name under “Politics” - and this second document contains nothing but a link to the first document.

For a basic link, I’d like the linked document to appear in the alternate editor; for a redirect, I’d like the current editor to switch to the linked document.

Is there any way we could (1) select between these options individually for each link; or (2) have an option like “right-click to open in alternate editor”?

Or as a more sweeping option, could the Binder itself contain a shortcut to a document elsewhere in the binder?

Would anyone else like to see one of these options in Scrivener?

(Or am I an idiot and this capability is already in there?)


Yes, quite a number have expressed the desire to have information in two places at once. The most common request would not actually be for a link or shortcut though, but rather a clone. You would place the second copy somewhere else, and when clicking on either one of them it would appear as though it were the main document. Then you needn’t worry about where the “real one” is and all that. But, in the current version of Scrivener, the way the Binder is set up such things are impossible, and it would take recoding the thing at a base level to change that. Search for clones and replicants in the forum to find responses on this topic.

Yeah, what I’m talking about is much simpler. Right now, I can create a document that is nothing but a redirect link. (All it says is “redirect here”.) There’s no confusion about where the original document is. And, right now, I have the option of opening in the current editor or opening in the alternate editor. The only hitch is that I have to make that decision globally, for all links, and I’m wondering whether it would take a lot of recoding to make that decision separately for each link (or use a ctrl-click to pick on the fly).

I see where the cloning idea would be cool - there would be fewer steps. But as you noted, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

To clarify why I’d like to have the option re: alternate editor–

With a regular link, I’m reading a main document and it makes a reference to something else - e.g., the definition of a term in the primary document. I’d like to be able to click on those links without losing my place in the primary document (or losing the sense of context) - it becomes easy to be distracted and swallowed up in the secondary document.

But with a redirect, it’s inconvenient if I’ve selected “open in alternate editor” - I click on the redirect link, and now I have one-half of my interface eaten up with a “redirect here” document, and I have to take the extra step of eliminating that.

Maybe I’m the only person who has any interest in this feature, in which case I’ll understand if the developer doesn’t think it very important.:smiley:

But, in a way Scrivener already has what you are asking for, unless I am misunderstanding something. The References panel can contain any number of named redirects to Scrivener documents, web pages, and files on the drive.

Oh, I must be a dummy then. I don’t see how to do that - could you explain?


From what I can see, the references panel is just another set of links that I can add to the document, right?

Look, I understand that I can embed links and redirects. That’s not the issue, and finding a new way of doing that is not the point. My request is simply to be able to control, for each individual link, whether the linked document opens in an alternate editor or in the same editor.

Even better would be the ability to create a redirect that’s purely inside the binder. Mac OS X calls these “aliases.” An alias would really be all I’m looking for.

That’s not to say that Scrivener ought to incorporate aliases - that’s for the developer to judge. But you (AmberV) keep trying to shoehorn my request into an entirely different type of request. I’m not having trouble creating a link or reference, and I don’t want to store information in two different places. What I’m requesting is:

  1. An alias inside the binder, or
  2. A way of customizing links so that I can choose whether they open in an alternate editor or the same editor.

That’s all, and my detailed explanations were really just a way of giving some weight to the requests. I understand that I’m just one user among many, and there are complexities to the coding that I don’t understand and probably wouldn’t want to.


Okay, I see a workaround -

It seems that the document references panel automatically pulls up the reference in a separate panel. So I can set “Scrivener Links” to open in the same editor, and use that for redirects. For the regular reference-type link, I can use the reference panel. That’s close enough for government work.

Thanks, AmberV, for pointing me to the Reference panel!


Hi Wes,

To be honest, your suggestion of having an “Open in Alternate Editor” option in the ctrl-click menu, allowing you to choose which editor a link gets opened in, is a very good one. Unfortunately, however, you are just making it at a very bad time. The work left to do on 2.0 is a little overwhelming at the moment, so I’m reluctant to add any new feature suggestions to the list, mainly for psychological reasons. :slight_smile: I have made a note of this suggestion, though, as I like it. My suggestion would be to wait for 2.0 to see if it is included - it’s unlikely as minor tweaks like this will probably have to wait for 2.x releases. So, after 2.0 is out (near Christmas-ish probably), wait a month or so until the initial wishlist rush has died down and politely remind me again, and I will most likely add this to a point upgrade for 2.x.

Hope you understand the reasoning here!

All the best,

Absolutely! You have to prioritize.

Thanks to you and AmberV for helping out on this.


Glad you got it sorted out! Sorry I was not more clear in my response, but was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t want to leave your thread completely hanging.