Open links in alternate editor?

I must be missing something here . . . when I have a Scrivener link in a document that points to another Scrivener document, clicking on the link causes the current editor to change to the linked document.

But often I’d like to be able to open the linked document in the alternate editor instead. Is there a way to do this? I can’t find one.


Check Scrivener/Preferences/Navigation/Open Scrivener Links in Alternate Editor

That must be what you’re missing. :slight_smile:


Eiron’s tip will fix you up immediately for the usage you are describing. There are several other places in the interface that have options along these lines. When you are using a Corkboard or Outliner view, there is a small button at the bottom of the view with two opposing arrows. This toggles on a single-click mode which opens up the selected card in the alternate split. Additionally, you can force the Binder to open new clicks in either the top or the bottom editor (or left/right if you are using vertical splits). The preference that Eiron mentioned also adjust the way the References pane works, in the Inspector.

Hah! I knew it was impossible that Scrivener, in its immaculate-conception-like state of version 1.0 perfection, could be missing this feature!

Many thanks!